Report Webinar: Train4best: Learning While Donating – AI

Train4best’s annual program, which combines learning and philanthropy, is back, and this year’s focus is on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Founder Sinta Novanana invited IEEE Comsoc Indonesia Chapter to introduce IEEE and its activities, with the participation of students from Politeknik Negeri Jakarta (PNJ).

The event featured Dr. Alfin Hikmaturokhman from IEEE Comsoc, along with Train4best’s team and the AI avatars, Laura and Will. Irene Christovita assisted in running the program. PNJ students showcased their final projects from the previous semester’s Artificial Intelligence course, supervised by Sinta Novanana, who is also the founder of Train4best.

Among the eight projects presented were AI applications for Face Recognition, Mask Detection, Object Detection, as well as games like Gobak Sodor and Ping Pong. Other highlights included a Chatbot, Guess the Picture, and a Voice Assistant.

Sinta also mentioned that Will, the AI Avatar, shared fundamental theories supporting Artificial Intelligence, its definition, history, comparisons between artificial and natural intelligence, and tools used in AI development, such as Lumen5 for text-to-video, Dall-E for text-to-image, and ChatGPT for companionship and answering questions.

This program attracted 106 online participants from across Indonesia. Those who completed the program received food packages delivered to their registered addresses as part of the Learn and Donate Train4best initiative.

Sinta hopes that this program will prepare young talents for the digital era, helping them harness the benefits and mitigate the negative impacts of emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, which is booming once again with the advent of ChatGPT.