Report Webinar-Training: 5G Log Anlaysis

On March 26-27, 2023, IEEE ComSoc Indonesia Chapter and Next Elite Telco Consultant @netco.idn held a training on 5G Log Analysis. The event was attended by 15 participants, consisting of students and the general public. The training includes an introduction to 5G technology and 5G Log File Analysis (Drive test), including converting files so they can be analyzed in the Wireshark application.

Currently, operators have started building 5G networks to make customers and industry an important part of digital transformation. 5G was developed to meet the demand for high-level internet connectivity in the coming years. As a result, several companies with mobile ecosystems are contributing and working to enable people around the world to enjoy 5G.

This training provides insight into the method of conducting a drive test using simple devices such as cellphones and free applications to obtain log files. Participants can learn these topics in detail by following Netco’s “5G Log File Analysis” training series.

This training covers Mobile Evolution, 5G Usecase, 5G Implementation in Indonesia, 5G Frequency and 5G Frequency in Indonesia, Device and Chipset, 5G Architecture: SA-NSA, KPI Comparison Between 4G and 5G, Data Retrieval Method: Drivetest, Convert Logfile to (. pcap), Signaling Flow, 5G Capability Information, SIB 2 With Upperlayer Indication-r15, DC-NR in MS Network Capabillity, Attach Request, UE Capability Inquiry, UE Capability Information, Attach Accept, Measurement Based ENDC Setup, Non-Measurement Based ENDC Setup, SSIB Info and Common Configuration Enable UE to access the NR Cell PDDCH Configuration, TDD Configuration Common ,Bandwith Part Overview, Bandwidth Part Configuration, Bandwidth Part ,Log Analysis Summary, How to Open File in Wireshark, 5G Capability Information, RACH Parameter, RACH Process, Measurement Configuration, Measurement Result Report, SgNB Change/Modification Decision, SgNB Change/Modification Execution.