Report Webinar-Training: 5G Radio Network Planning  

On 2 April 2022, IEEE ComSoc Indonesia Chapter collaborated with Next Elite Telco Consultant @netco.idn on webinar-training 5G Radio Network Planning. This webinar was attended by 1 IEEE member and 27 non-IEEE members.

This webinar-training discusses that 5G technology is now present in Indonesia by offering various advantages over existing 4G networks. Operators are racing to build 5G networks to make customers and industries one of the critical parts of digital transformation. 5G was born to answer the need for internet connections to a higher level in the next few years. Therefore, several companies with mobile ecosystems are currently contributing and working to make the people of the world can enjoy 5G. Although the implementation of 5G is carried out in the digital sector, some things will always remain fully analog, such as radio transmission techniques and radio network planning. What are the 5G network planning methods, and how do the processes occur in radio transmission? For details, you can participate in the Training Series from Netco “5G Radio Network Planning” and “5G RAN Analysis in Indonesia”. In this webinar-training, learn:
1. 5G Radio Network Planning
> 5G Link Budget
> 5G Massive MIMO
> 5G TDD Configuration
> 5G PCI and PRACH Planning
> 5G Neighbor Planning

2. 5G RAN Analysis in Indonesia
> Current 5G Implementation in Indonesia
> Parameter Evaluation and Analysis
> Dynamic Spectrum Sharing Concept
> Migration Option Towards Standalone