Member Gathering 2019

IEEE ComSoc Indonesia Chapter organized the Member Gathering that was held on 5 October 2019 at The Jayakarta Suites Dago, Bandung. In this gathering, members focused on sharing session with 5 technical talks and chapter meeting for management formation of 2020 IEEE ComSoc Indonesia Chapter.

The first speaker of technical talks is Dr. Rina Pudji Astuti, who is the Chairperson of the IEEE ComSoc Indonesia Chapter, where she talked about 5G, its roadmap, challenge, as well as the role and contribution of IEEE ComSoc Indonesia for 5G in Indonesia such as Conferences, Forum, Training, Lectures, Workshops, and Research.

The session continued by Mr. Arief Hamdani Gunawan. He discussed about defining 6G Challenges and Opportunities in terms of industry challenges, such as consumer benefits, use cases, and future demand,

Afterwards, Dr. Wiseto Agung who is Vice Chair of IEEE ComSoc Indonesia Chapter, discussed about ICT technology and business trends in the Industrial Era 4.0 and Society 5.0. There are 3 points delivered, namely: Industrial Revolution & Development of Human Civilization, ICT Business Perspective with Industry Ecosystem and Startup Ecosystems, and some examples of AI in Communication research trends.

The next session was an overview of 5G business models, which was delivered by Mr. Satriyo Dharmanto. In this session, he discussed about 5G Expectation from Business Perspectives such as New Products and Services, New Industries to Emerge (Augmented Reality, Automation, Robotic, Smart City, Smart Transportation, Smart Building), Small Business growth and more global competition, and increased productivity.

Finally, Dr. Muhammad Ary Murti closed the Technical Talk Sessions by discussing AI in IoT Applications and Deployments. He mentioned that as new technology applications emerge, where IoT works hand in hand with AI – the resulting innovations are proving how IoT can create new markets and opportunities, disrupt traditional business models and dramatically change the competitive landscape.

After Technical Talks sessions, the member gathering continued with chapter meeting, led by Dr. Rina Pudji Astuti as Chapter Chair, where she presented the 2019 activities report of IEEE ComSoc Indonesia Chapter. The next agenda was electioneering for Chapter Chair 2020, where the meeting was led by Mr. Satriyo Dharmanto (who is past chapter chair and advisory board member) as Electioneering Chair. After it was discussed with the attendees, the meeting agreed to elect and decide Dr. Wiseto Agung as the 2020 Comsoc Indonesia Chapter Chair. Furthermore, the elected 2020 Chapter Chair was asked to prepare a new  executive committee members and prepare a work program for 2020 before the handover of  Chapter Chair that planned to be held in December 2019.

Member Gathering ended with a closing by the committee and continued with fruitful networking discussion over all attendees. All attended members were satisfied with this friendly and visioning meeting, and looking forward to next IEEE ComSoc Indonesia Chapter activities.